It wouldn’t be controversial to claim that Dubai today stands tall as a shining example of modern architecture. The city is in every sense of the word an architectural miracle. Each building populating its skyline is a testament to the sheer vision and proficiency of some reputable Architectural Consultancy in Dubai.

No city has redefined modern architecture quite like this city. Everything from its skyscraper to shopping malls is a marvel of innovation and excellence in design. From the Dubai Opera to Burj Khalifa and many more to come down the line, each building serves as proof of what the merging of traditional and modern styles can conjure.

That being said, it is imperative for one to note that none of these structures would have had their day in the sun today without some robust architectural engineering consultancy backing the project.

This article intends to focus on the role these architectural and engineering consultants have played in turning Dubai into a stuff of legends when it comes to modern architecture.

How Dubai’s Steadfast Developments Affected Architectural Engineering Consultants?

Dubai’s incessantly lucrative and expanding construction industry has influenced how an engineering consultants company operates. This influence is what distinguishes a top engineering consultant in Dubai from those that thrive in other cities of the world. The standards are so high that architects and engineers have no other option but to be ruthlessly competitive in a bid to top the stunning structures already embellishing Dubai’s lush streets.

It would be safe to say that if you really wish to witness the best of design innovation and sustainability, then Dubai serves as a perfect hub for it. The architectural consultancies in Dubai just operate on another level. They specialize in spearheading commercial, residential, and industrial projects with a heavy emphasis on future-proofing while still ensuring the rich traditions associated with the region are preserved.

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What is the Role of an Architectural Engineering Consultant in Dubai?

A typical architectural and engineering consultancy has an instrumental role to play in making sure construction projects are effectively realized based on the drawn blueprints. They are consultants. So this goes without saying that their primary role is to consult or advise their clients or employers on matters concerning the building of a construction project.

Such firms are known to work closely with contractors and the government, two entities that are integral to the successful completion of any project. Being home to specialists in the field of architecture and engineering, these companies are capable of providing expert technical advice and solution that can make the entire process of construction all the more effective and efficient.

To put it simply, a typical architectural and engineering firm specializes in a wide range of areas. They are as follows:

  •       Architecture and Engineering consulting
  •       MEPF Support
  •       Interior design
  •       Site supervision
  •       Landscaping
  •       Master Planning
  •       Project Management
  •       Project Financial planning
  •       Quantity Surveying
  •       Bidding of Contractors.

These are the people that make sure that your project is adhering to the standards and regulations that have been dictated by the Dubai government. This is why their services are so invaluable today.

Key Responsibilities of Architectural Engineering Consultants in Dubai

Architectural Engineering Consultants in Dubai have many responsibilities to fulfill in their bid to bring a project to its logical completion. The following is a long list of what these responsibilities entail:

  1.     Meet with clients to define project goals
  2.     Recruit and hire the right team consisting of qualified project managers and supervisors.
  3.     Consult clients on contracts and negotiate changes if needed.
  4.     Make sure the project progresses according to client specifications
  5.     Make sure the project is completed within the set time and budget.
  6.     Collaborate with technical folks in developing projects.
  7.     Conduct financial feasibility studies to determine a project’s financial viability
  8.     Documentation and making submissions to concerned authoritative bodies to gain approval.
  9.     Help clients secure a good Contractor
  10.   Mechanical, engineering, plumbing, and fire-fighting support
  11.   Consulting on Interior design of projects.
  12.   Making sure all regulatory requirements are adhered to.

The sheer plethora of responsibilities that an architectural engineering consultancy shoulders makes them irreplaceable and an invaluable asset.

Abdulla & Associate – AAA is one of the Architectural Engineering Consultants in Dubai

Now that you know how fundamental architectural engineering consultants are to the process of construction, it is also worth noting that you can get the high-quality results you seek with a reputable consultancy backing the project. That is where the services of Abdulla and Associate engineering & architectural consultations shine.

With 4 decades of experience to boast, AAA is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that has been behind the conceptualization and realization of numerous high-profile landmarks of Dubai. We harbor a team of seasoned architectural and engineering experts that leverage their insight and resources to bring construction projects to life while making sure all building regulatory standards are complied with.

Contact us to learn more about our consulting services.

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