Precast building construction is the construction or manufacturing of the building components in the industrial factory under controlled parameters.

Need for Precast Building Construction: 
The pre-engineered components casted at factory under controlled parameters will give us the best quality for the components and feasibility for placing on the place, which will result in the lower construction time periods and almost no post construction problems.

Benefits of precast building construction

Benefits of precast building construction

This is largely done with the desirable environment in factories where precast concrete components are manufactured. Controlled production condition enable manufacturers to properly execute stringent quality control measures to meet specified strength during production. For example, the quality of the inside surface of moulds can be kept in good condition, raw material blending is properly controlled, great accuracy is achieved during reinforcement installation.

Precast building components has the advantage of placing mature concrete into its in-service environment and loading. This benefit ensures that the concrete is at its best when exposed to aggressive loads. With which precast components will avoid creep under design load at early age and will be durable against the permanent deflection in the structure. 

Precast concrete components arrive at the job site ready to install, also the weather conditions at the job site will not significantly affect the construction schedule. These lead to faster erection of precast concrete members and better safety is achieved with less materials on site, reduced workers and less equipment.

Post Erection:
The high-quality finish of precast concrete components means that there are no site defects and can be left untreated and no additional plaster or external rendering are required.

Time period:
Manufacture of precast components concurrent with commencement of early site work, can both be done simultaneously. Once precast installation starts, on-site construction and off-site manufacturing can be overlapped, thereby reducing overall site construction schedule which will expedite the construction time period.

Minimize finance cost resulting from reduced build time, also earlier revenue receipts because of shorter project times.

Other Features of Precast Building construction: 

  • Dimension accuracy.
  • Complex shapes, sizes and specific technical requirements can be easily fabricated.
  • Better quality of components.
  • Design flexibility.
  • Resize and recyclable moulds.
  • No on-site space for moulds and reinforcement storage.
  • Faster erection at site.
  • Reduces propping and scaffolding costs

If you wish to undertake a precast construction project, then it will be in your best interest to seek the services of a reputable Architectural Consultancy In Dubai like AAA. From preparing a plan to assisting with site supervision and cost estimation, AAA is home to architectural experts that can guide a construction project to completion while adhering to International & Dubai’s regulatory standards. 

Syed Mudassir Hashmi
Structural Design Engineer 

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